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Hey everybody!
If you check out the sidebar to your right on my website (kimberlyzart.com), you’ll find some monthly comics, web comics and artbook features of things that I’m reading/are into right now. I’m going to make a page to archive all my features but check it out if you’re looking for some recs. All the links are there. I’m going to be adding more soon~


Hey guys. Benny and Fritz is back. For serious. Every Wednesday (unless that has to change to a different day BUT…every week I assure you). New Readers start Here.  
It’s not just coming back, but I also went in and re-entered the font, hand-lettering everything, just because it needed to happen. 
I’d like to thank all of you for your continuing support and asking the question “Whatever happened to that skeleton comic?” 
The skeleton comic is back. And it’s not going anywhere. 

Hey guys. Check out my webcomic. It’s got everything I love- ww1, skeletons, germans… it’s a fun time. 

Rookery Presents: Dreams & Nightmares


Hey guys! The indiegogo for Rookery Volume 2 is LIVE! For those of you that don’t know- last year a group of cartoonists and illustrators (primarily seniors), decided to get together and make an anthology because why the hell not. We are very proud to be returning this fall with a second instillation!, which will be making it’s debut at SPX this fall!


My stylus slipped, have some swag-a-lious Winter Soldier. Winter Soldier in Palette #12 as requested by junerevolver. :3 


Making even more queer things for conventions.
Available in my RedBubble Shop on T shirts and all other sorts of goodies.
Hello Con-Goers!
This weekend is HeroesCon and 3/5 of the Offbeats will be are already there!! Come to table AA-1828 in the Artists Alley! There will be prints, stickers, the works! Just look for the table that have 3 lovely ladies with rad hair. You might even catch Kae playing some tunes on her ukelele.
SHOW HOURS:  Friday: 11AM-7PM Saturday: 10AM-6PM Sunday: 11AM-6PM
UPDATE: Actual photo of table

Second illustration I did for my Media Arts Senior BFA Exhibition. This character is one of five for a series of comics I’m continuing.

One of 3 illustrations I made for the Media Arts Senior BFA Exhibition. They correspond with comics I made.