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A drawing dedicated to my Aunt who passed away last Friday due to cancer. She fought for two years and still was able to walk weeks before her passing. As my dad put it, “She was one tough cookie.” She once had a corgi named Corgi, I hope they are together now in peace.

Wednesday had never played croquet before, and when Lydia had offered to teach her, she’d figured her parents would be thrilled to learn she was making some new friends. 

Product of the stream. Wow. I love these two X_X

Do you think I’m spooky? Day 1 of #inktober goes to SPOOKY MULDER. (Also my pen began to die : / )

A renaissance faun outfit/character I have in mind. Trying out a new flat-ish style as my patience has been fluctuating between nothing to never ending. Used Kyle T Webster’s Gouache brush set again! I’m hopelessly in love with these brushes. <3

An ink sketch from a local park done a day or two ago, I had to leave early to cook dinner, so finished up the rest by memory today! It is gorgeous outside right now, it’s a shame having to stay in.

Recolored my Maleficent drawing from ages ago. I like this one much better! I still need to see the movie, I heard it was really good~

Messing around with Kyle T Webster’s Gouache Brush set! Also realized that I need to paint a little faster to get more energy in my painting like I used to do~ Trying out a mix of painterly and lines too.

Was bored and made this repeatable flower background in class. Feel free to use it. Just be sure to credit.

Hey everybody!
If you check out the sidebar to your right on my website (kimberlyzart.com), you’ll find some monthly comics, web comics and artbook features of things that I’m reading/are into right now. I’m going to make a page to archive all my features but check it out if you’re looking for some recs. All the links are there. I’m going to be adding more soon~


Hey guys. Benny and Fritz is back. For serious. Every Wednesday (unless that has to change to a different day BUT…every week I assure you). New Readers start Here.  
It’s not just coming back, but I also went in and re-entered the font, hand-lettering everything, just because it needed to happen. 
I’d like to thank all of you for your continuing support and asking the question “Whatever happened to that skeleton comic?” 
The skeleton comic is back. And it’s not going anywhere. 

Hey guys. Check out my webcomic. It’s got everything I love- ww1, skeletons, germans… it’s a fun time.